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Who needs our assistance?
·         Small or medium sized business without a full time Safety Program Manager
·         Businesses relying on their Loss Control Consultant for safety (It’s not their main focus)
·         Companies with high accident or incident rates of injury to employees
·         Companies who have had OSHA or State contact and doesn’t know what to do next
·         Companies who have had an inspection and/or citation and need compliance assistance

Why should you use us?
·         You may have serious safety hazards in your facility you don’t realize.
·         You may not know that you are subject to OSHA regulations.
·         Your company may be on OSHA’s SST (Site Specific Targeting) List for inspection.
·         Your company may be on OSHA’s list of nearly 40,000 facilities to be inspected.
·         Can you afford the $1,200 fine (average) for each item OSHA finds during an inspection?

What Safety, Health, & Environmental services we can provide?
Review any existing documentation, safety records, accident reports, inspections, etc
Facility assessment walk through
Monthly Program Management
Specific Requirements that may be Applicable to Your Business 

Call us to ask about our FREE and confidential initial consultation. We will identify, and provide you FREE, the most serious hazard we find at your facility. We will give you our estimate of the potential for OSHA citation on this item. We will also let you know the quantity and severity of issues we find, along with their potential impact for OSHA citation.


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